Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: Birthday Wishes

Unless you are family, or perhaps a friend since middle school, you probably don't know that this is the fourth year in a row that I've done a Ten on Tuesday blog post filled with an absurd birthday wishlist. (This means I have consistently kept a blog feature for four years, people.) But, if I'm really being honest here, Steph (read: friend since middle school) is the only one to ever even choose a gift based on one of these birthday posts so, why do I bother? It's actually kind of fun to look back over these four years and see how little my wishes and style have changed, and what items I bought for myself compared to which items I had completely forgotten. It's a bit telling, really. For instance, there has been a pair of shoes on my list every. single. year.

This year, the things making my wishlist are:

1 // This t-shirt from Mulberry Press Co. In recent months, I've become a t-shirt and leggings kind of gal and this one speaks to my creative soul. (this one from Hello Apparel also speaks to my soul, my #helpmeimpoor soul, that is)

2 // A Fitbit. Since my surgery, I've made an honest attempt at walking more. I've also been interested to know if the quality of my sleep has improved. From what Instagram tells me, a fitbit is the tool I need for true motivation to get moving. I'm loving it in tangerine.

3 // Project Life supplies, the most obvious item on the list. I have been practicing an amazing amount of self control in not rushing out for the Heidi Swapp Foil Value Kit (though I did buy the date stamp.) And, after watching Rachel's Project Life process video, I think I officially need a tiny attacher. And if you're looking for the world's most reasonably priced birthday gift? I'll take some design F pages, thanks.

4 // A pair of Sperry's. In order to continue the tradition, I had to include a pair of shoes on my birthday wishlist but in all reality, I've had my eyes on these for months. I mean, they have gold laces.

5 // Prints to round out an inspirational wall in our bedroom. I recently commissioned a brush script painting of my favorite quote from Jodie at Polka Dot Creative, and then snagged this cross-stitched beauty from Hailey's flash sale. While I love this print from Yellow Bungalow Co., I would truly love any artwork for my next gallery well to be.

6 // This infinity scarf which I added to my list mostly for your benefit - for the next four days, it's only $4.99 on P.S. I Adore You, my favorite flash-sale website (the proceeds benefit pediatric cancer patients!). After that, you can find it here.

7 // A Wacom tablet. I've wanted one for so lon, that I was sure it had made my birthday list before. I was wrong.  

8 // A new camera strap. Since upgrading to my Canon 5D Mk II, I haven't ventured away from my boring came-with-the-camera black strap. I love the color and tribal feel of this one from Photojojo!

9 // This lap loom, or any lap loom, really. Between Rachel's and Maryanne's weavings in my Instagram feed, I can't put off starting this hobby any longer. I also want to learn to make macrame plant hangers. Is that weird?

10 // Vinyl. If you could peek back at last year's wishlist, you would know that a record player was at the top of it. A few weeks ago, my parents found me a beautiful wooden player at a flea market back home and it is being shipped here momentarily. While we have plenty of old 45s, I would love Vinyl from some of my current favorites to play on it, too.

So tell me, what items are on your Fall wishlist?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello, September!


This morning, I am saying hello to a new month, and to a new blog.
Here at Jen 2.0, September is going to be a big month. Here are just a few things you can expect...

// A look into my surgery mini-album. September is Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia Awareness month - I plan to share my surgery story, as well as information about Chiari, here throughout the month to help spread awareness for this condition.

// Updates from Maggie Holmes' "30 Days of Me" class which starts today. This seemed like a great way to document the beginning of Life 2.0 and also the end of my 22nd year.

// Four weeks of "Get Messy," an art journal challenge.

// A guest post on one of my favorite blogs. (Hint: It's going to be really lovely.)

// The reincarnation of "Ten on Tuesday," a blog series with a themed list each week. This month's topics will include ten essentials for getting started with Project Life and my birthday wishlist, of course.

// And, possibly the best part? A giveaway of some of my favorite things to celebrate my 23rd birthday. 

So tell me, what are you most looking forward to in September?

(Hello Sept brush script from Jasmine Dowling's 2014 Calendar)